Starlight Arcade

Starlight Arcade @ Cascades Indoor Waterpark

The Starlight Arcade has a fun filled environment that is great for children of all ages. There are a bunch of prizes that you can receive after you have traded in all of your tokens. It is a nice air conditioned room with excellent staff to suit your needs. There is cold ice cream for sale in the arcade. Starlight Arcade is definitely a fun and exciting place to come after a long day at the waterpark or on the road.

Starlight Arcade @ Cascades Indoor Waterpark

Arcade Games:

There are 38 coin operated games that are described below:

  • Skeeball: Test of hand-eye coordination.
  • Basketball: An excellent game after a shoulder workout the day before. See how well you do in a high score contest.
  • Hydro Thunder: Test your skills on the water as you race against your opponents.
  • LA Machine Guns: Rage against the machines. Shoot down intruders and flying air crafts to stay alive.
  • Air Hockey: Play against friends to get bragging rights.
  • Spider Stompin’: Step on lit up buttons to get tickets.
  • Hollywood Slip: A token in to get tickets to come out.
  • Time Crisis: Shoot aliens to get a high score and move up in levels.
  • Dance Dance Revolution: Fun endurance dancing game with good music.
  • Spin & Win: Slap a button to get a different number of tickets or possibly a jackpot.
  • Deal or No Deal: Test your knowledge of this fun trivia game. Memorize cases.
  • Monopoly: Play with friends and get houses built on your property.
  • Carnival Crane: Insert tokens to see if you can get some prizes.
  • Ticket Troopers: Insert tokens to see which way they get shot to receive tickets.
  • Fast & Furious: Race against friends in this off brand racing game.
  • Maximum Tune: High quality car racing games.
  • Slam-A-Winner: Insert tokens and see what hole it drops into.
  • Flamin’ Finger: Trace your finger on an obstacle course in a specific amount of time.
  • Bozo: Throw balls in a bucket to get a high score.
  • Big Shot: Fling a token into a hole that has the highest ticket count.
  • Smokin’ Token: Roll a token down a line into a chamber with specific ticket amounts.
  • EZ: Fun infant or small child car ride.
  • Twister: Watch your token spin and hit flags to win tickets.
  • Cyclone: Users attempt to stop the fast-paced moving light to cash in on the 100 ticket jackpot
  • Ice Ball: Revolutionary version of the traditional alley roller.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Ticket redemption game.
  • Harley Davidson Motorcycles: Motion simulator motorcycle ride game.
  • Cruis’n Exotica: A cool driving game that features several tracks including one that has dinosaurs and several different cars including an old rusty chevrolet station wagon.
  • The Claw: Can you get your claws on the prize?
  • Football Fortune: Football themed quick coin redemption game.
  • Lighthouse: Climb the five levels of the Lighthouse to reach the Win Zone.
  • Photo Booth: Take fun pictures of yourself.
  • The Simpson’s Kooky Carnival: Colorful, animated, kooky! The notorious yellow family inhabits Stern Pinball’s latest coin redemption machine.
  • Convoy: Spinning coin redemption game.